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Exam Board: OCR 

Course Information:

GCSE Geography Specification B

What we study in this subject:

Our aim for you in Geography is to develop an interest and understanding for the subject and our syllabus choice gives you the opportunity to look at a number of different issues.

 Over the course of the 2 years students study;

  • Rivers and coasts
  • Population and settlement
  • Natural hazards (hurricanes, freak weather and volcanoes!)
  • Economic development (Why are the rich, rich and the poor still poor?)

This course gives a variety of both physical and human geography. Through our teaching you will get a real sense of how and why our world is changing, and the possible consequences this has for the future. This is not only interesting, but allows Geography to link to lots of other subjects, as we need to understand how to cope with a rapidly changing world! Through studying Geography you also develop a variety of useful skills such as collecting and using data, interpreting results, critical thinking and justifying conclusions.

Assessment Format: 

The course is assessed through two exams at the end of Year 11. The first (worth 50%) covers 3 of the topics studied, the other exam (worth 25%) is a decision making paper and is based on the other topic. The remaining 25% comes from the controlled assessment, which is based on a piece of practical fieldwork.

Possible Careers and Further Information:

Studying Geography opens up lots of post-16 choices as it combines both the sciences and the arts, so links well to lots of A-Level and college subjects from Chemistry through to English Language, as well as Geography or Geology.

Geography is more than just maps and countries; it teaches you look at the world and to question things. It also teaches you skills that employers really want to see such as analysis and evaluation, data presentation and critical thinking.

 So studying Geography can lead to many different jobs which range from a travel agent, a town planner, market researcher, an army officer, working in retail to a wildlife photographer and many, many more. It also links well to careers or study in the law, science, policing and medical services.  So whatever you want to do… Geography can take you there!


Further information is available from Mrs. J.Mills, Subject Leader, Geography