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In Year 7 students study French.  In Year 8 and 9 students study either French or Spanish.  In Key Stage 4 students can opt to continue to study French or Spanish to GCSE.

The Languages Department aim to develop students' communication skills in French and Spanish in the following key areas: Speaking , Listening, Reading and Writing. The accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar are also important.  We want to enable all students to manipulate language and to have confidence when communicating in a foreign language.  Students are given opportunities to work in pairs and groups to communicate as much as possible in the foreign language.  We encourage all students to value the ability to communicate in a second language and promote understanding and tolerance of other cultures and traditions.

 Key Stage 3 students have two languages lessons a week.  Their language skills are assessed regularly using a variety of methods.

Students opting to continue to develop their language learning in Key Stage 4 follow the AQA GCSE French or Spanish course. They study 4 broad topic areas; Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and Environment and Work and Education.  During Y10 and Y11, students will be required to complete several written and spoken Controlled Assessments of which the best two in each skill will contribute to their final GCSE mark.  Listening and Reading skills are assessed by examination at the end of Y11

The Languages Department organise a number of educational opportunities outside of lessons to develop students' language skills and cultural knowledge.  These include overseas trips, links with universities and primary schools and the opportunity to attend clubs run by our French Assistant.

Subject Leaders: Mrs Smith and Mrs Skitt