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Course Information:

Students will be entered for one of two tiers for which a range of grades is available. 

Foundation: 1,2,3,4,5         Higher: 4,5,6,7,8,9

Students will be entered for the examination which best suits their abilities.  The final decision will be made during Year 11.  Some Foundation students may have the opportunity to work towards an entry level certificate in Mathematics.

What we study in this subject:

Students study a variety of topics in 4 main areas: Number, Algebra, Statistics, and Geometry. Emphasis is also placed on functional aspects of maths, which are mathematical problems encountered in everyday life and the workplace, such as finance, interest rates, and costing problems etc. There is also a greater emphasis on solving problems.

Students will be working in groups according to their Y9 progress.  All students will be expected to attend with their exercise books and equipment such as pens, pencils, ruler and protractor.  The use of a calculator is an essential part of the course as such it is compulsory for students to bring their own calculator to every lesson. Students will be expected to complete homework on a regular basis. This is focused on filling gaps in their learning.

Assessment Format:

Students take two calculator and one non-calculator exams, worth 33% each, in the summer of Y11.

 Foundation  (3 x 1 ½ hour exams)                            Higher  (3 x 1 ½  hour exams)

Possible Careers and Further Information:

Many opportunities arise at post 16 level to pursue mathematics at AS/A2 levels at college/6th form schools.  Many vocational qualifications (NVQ, BTEC etc.) also include a core mathematical content.

Most jobs/careers have a mathematical element to them and therefore it is important that all students work hard to do as well as they can in this subject. The versatility of mathematics graduates makes them highly sought after by employers. Career prospects in many areas for mathematics graduates are therefore excellent.


Further information is available from Mr Drayson and/or Mr Bangs, Subject Leaders, Maths